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Dagestani women

(about women from caucas)


About women Caucas (Daghestan(: Caucasian women.
Tradition & customs in Dagestan, charming brides from Dagestan

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Family ties are extremely important to the people of The Caucasus. For a long time, a fundamental part of family life has been the closeness of the family (hebna hizan, hedin hav). A typical family can consist of around 30-35 people and three or four generations. Divorce is also extremely rare in Dagestani families.

The first rule of Caucasian hospitality is that the guest must be well fed and watered. The guest's wish is the host's command and if any disrespect or inhospitality is shown towards him, there are strict penalties.

The traditional Dagestani cuisine consists of delicacies made from flour, meat and dairy products. Common dishes are khinkali made with meat, goat's cheese and topped with garlic, pel'meni (small dumplings) filled with pumpkin, cottage cheese, egg or crapiva with nuts or herbs, kasha, apricots, pumpkin, soups and heavenly pies with various fillings. Every woman from Dagestan is well schooled in how to prepare the traditional Dagestani cuisine. They are superb homemakers, wives and mothers. The well populated Dagestani family nurtures their daughters with the most important qualities; how to be wonderful spouses and exemplary housewives.

The most important qualities for all Caucasian women are to be hospitable and joyful, to show respect for their own history and culture, as well as for others, to value friendship and honour, to look up to their elders, to be sincere, polite and loving, to have knowledge of the customs of brotherhood and mutual respect, to be schooled in cultural festivals and rites.

The Caucasian woman's enduring beauty is evident in her stoical character, her zeal, her loving nature, her emotional restraint, her knowledge of the rules of etiquette, her physical strength, her ability to produce healthy children and to fulfil the role of housekeeper and nurturer of her children.


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Caucasian women. Tradition & customs in Dagestan, family ties in Daghestan

Women from Dagestan . Who is she - woman from Dagestan?