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about women from bashkiriya

(about bashkorstan, women from bashkorstan)


About Bashkir muslim women
Bashkir tradition & customs.


Bashkir muslim women

One can only ever say good things about women from Bashkir. They are pretty, feminine, have a strong will and stamina and very true to themselves. They possess a special flair for knowing people inside out as well as having an excellent intuition. In this they are similar to Russian women. Majority of Bashkir women are muslims.

In today's society, there is the belief that a woman should be weaklings, patient and dependent on men. However, this opinion does not apply to Bashkir women. Women from Bashkir are free spirits which distinguishes them from, say, Tatar or Muslim women. This is a testament to the fact that from childhood they are accustomed to handling the deprivation and hardships that go with a nomadic lifestyle. As a result, they display such qualities as adroitness, bravery and strength of character.

For many years, Bashkir women have been able to use a bow and arrow, to ride a horse and even to hunt. However, despite this they are more than adept at all aspects of housework. All of this has given Bashkir women a strong will which has been instilled in through their ancestors. Even today, Bashkir girls are just as brave and strong and always achieve their goals.

In Bashkir society there is a special attitude towards women – “The woman controls three quarters of the household; the man only one”. This Bashkir proverb refers to the woman-mother role which is to be industrious, reliable and constant. Bashkir men are forbidden to beat their wives, and are not even allowed to be rude to them as no violence is tolerated in the family. A man is considered to be highly unworthy if he insults or debases a woman, for it is she who brings harmony and peace into the home. As a result, Bashkir women, by nature, possess an innate feeling of self-contentment. Women in Bashkorstan clearly recognise their importance and role within the family and always carry out their responsibilities in full.

Marriage letter, marriage templates free onlineIn Bashkir society, there is a clear antipathy towards divorce. It is considered to be vulgar and immoral. Divorce is perceived to be an extremely traumatic event. There is a national proverb that says; “There are two ways to die in this world; one is through divorce, the other is through death itself.” Because of this, Bashkir women take their marriage very seriously and sensibly and consider it to be for life.

Bashkir women are excellent housewives. They are amazing at carrying out all domestic chores and providing a cosy and warm atmosphere in the home. One of the responsibilities of a woman is to make sure that her husband and children are well fed. Bashkir women fulfil this role 100%.

Bashkir cuisine mainly consists of meat, dairy and flour products. Important ingredients in Bashkir cuisine are cow's milk and dairy products. Made from cheese or boiled milk, a cream (kaimak) is added to tea or to ease the flavour of soup. It can also be mixed up with butter (mai). The milk sours, to make Katik and Oiotkan which can then be turned into Tvorog (cottage cheese). A traditional dish is baked horsemeat or lamb with lapsha bread or bishbarmak, tumas, palma, kullama, itle ash. On the unleavened bread, women place traditional dishes made with flour for example, lepeshki, blini and biscuits; all are baked with unleavened pastry. A favourite drink is tea.

There is nothing that a Bashkir woman cannot achieve. They are loving wives, caring and attentive mothers and have fascinating, remarkable personalities. Bashkir women are very hard working and are successful in all areas – they are every man's dream!


Author of article "Bashkir women": Alisa.

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