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MOSCOW women

(What is Unique about Women from Moscow? )

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About women from Moscow Russia. Moscow women.
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Moscow is the capital of Russia and also its largest town. People from all over the world flock to visit its charms.

So what's so special about Moscow? Well here you can really put yourself on the world's stage. Having said this, in order to get on in Moscow you need to have a strong character. Moscow is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Only the toughest of souls survive here. In Moscow it doesn't matter whether you are male or female, the rules are the same; if you want to survive you must always have an escape plan. You won't last long in Moscow if you are a “sissy”. If you are, then this town is definitely not for you.

The main difference between women from Moscow and women from any other Russian town (as unoriginal as it sounds) is that they are Muscovites. That is all that needs to be said. Their roots are in Moscow and they were born and bred in the town. This is what sets them apart.

As a rule, women from Moscow have an excellent education (Moscow graduates are famous throughout the whole country for having brilliant professions and science doctorates). Besides this, they are very “up and coming” in terms of culture. They adore visiting different museums, exhibitions and concerts. They are also well schooled in lots of issues and are more than happy to “schmooze” with the higher echelons of society. They are always ready to engage in any type of conversation. They are also distinguished for their business-like power and polite demeanour; however, they can also be obstinate in getting their own way. In short, they lead very full lives. In Moscow, there is no alternative.

However, it must be said that Moscow women are not “big headed” and definitely not spoilt. It's just that in Moscow you get used to the good life as there is a greater quality of services in the capital.

Other Russian towns pale into the background. Although they try to compete with Moscow, they will never win. All the latest fads and inventions originate in Moscow. You often cannot buy what you want in the other towns. For example, the sling (a carrier which you wear across your shoulders to carry a baby rather than using your arms) came out in Russia not so long ago but you can only get them in Moscow.

Due to the reasons above, women from Moscow tend to treat other towns with a slight contempt. Moscow provides people with a range of possibilities and opportunities. Here you can obtain a prestigious, professional career for example.

Moscow women take maximum advantage of all that the town has to offer. Here, there are numerous businesswomen who are highly successful on account of their wisdom and strength of character.

Having said this, there are of course “everyday” Moscow women and some who would like to move to another country (but not another town in Russia we might add). Despite this, Moscow will always be their ideal town.

If Moscow women move anywhere else they will always compare that place to Moscow.


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Moscow women. Woman from Moscow Russia

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