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KYRGYS women

(about women from kyrgystan)


About women from former USSR: Kyrgystan women
tradition & customs in Kyrgystan, family-orientated brides from Kyrgystan


Kyrgyzstan is extremely proud of its daughters. In today's society, women from Kyrgyzstan are highly educated, dynamic and inclined towards progression. At the same time, they preserve the best of their cultural traditions in everyday life as well as within the family, namely, tolerance, adherence to the family and devotion towards the children.

Hospitality in Kyrgystan

The most traditional custom in Kyrgyzstan, as in any other culture, is hospitality. The Kyrgyz people go by the saying “konoktuu uide kut bar” and “a guest graces one's home”. Kyrgyz women are exceptional housewives and always provide a warm and welcoming abode. To this day, Kyrgyz homes in rural areas are still in the form of huts which echo the nomadic lifestyle of their Kyrgyz ancestors. No two huts are alike in terms of their structure and décor. Kyrgyz carpets; hand crafted from sheep's wool, have become famous throughout the world and adorn every wall in the house. These are the unique creations of the highly talented Kyrgyz women.

Meals and traditional drink in Kyrgystan - Kyrgyz tea

Kyrgyz tea ceremonies occupy an important place in the Kyrgyz way of life. All Kyrgyz meals begin and end with tea drinking. Sweetmeats are presented on the table at the very start of the meal along with baked delicacies, dried fruit, nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables and salads. After this, appetizers are served and then, last but not least, pilaf or other “heavy foods” are offered. It is also imperative that hot cakes are served on the table.


Healthy food in Kyrgystan and international healthy food for kids recipess

Average old of marriage in today's Kyrgystan

In the past, the average age of marriage for girls was 13-14 years, whereas now it is more conformist to European standards. As a rule, Kyrgyz women are very pure and democratic. You could say that they are slightly naïve, but that would be a little harsh. Kyrgyz women are simply used to trusting people which is a century old tradition.

Kyrgyz women are captivating and feminine. They put marriage at the top of their list of priorities and value motherhood as their fundamental role as a woman. Nowhere else are women more gentle and tender that in Kyrgyzstan.

Women in Kyrgystan are family orientated, good mothers, obedient wives, hardworking and intelligent professionals.

What do you know about Kyrgystan and Kazakhstan? Ttradition & customs in replublic of former Soviet Union. Why brides from Kyrgystan and Kazakhkstan make good wives? Kyrgyz women

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Kyrgyzstan women. Tradition & customs in Kyrgyzstan,
family-orientated brides from Kyrgystan

Women from Kyrgystan. Who is she - woman from Kyrgystan?